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AxieZone is a dedicated information site to Axie Infinity, a game built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, about collecting and raising fantasy creatures called Axie.
Check out our tools and guides and become the best Axie Coach in the universe.

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Axie: Star Boy Axie: Froot Loop

Axie Finder

Find the perfect Axie by selecting up to four Ability Cards. You can filter your search results to find exactly the Axie you want.
For advanced users there is a built-in gene view available.

Breeding Simulator

If you don't know exactly if it's a good idea to breed two specific Axies, just paste their IDs into this tool and simulate their breeding outcomes. You can try it as oftan as you want to get a feeling for the possibilities. There are no limits.

Card Tier List

Ever wondered which Axie Ability Cards are better than others? Select a class and find out in this guide.

Axie Builds

If you are starting with Axie Infinity and don't exactly know which Axies are good for PvP or PvE, read this guide and discover a collection of Axie builds.


View the Axie Infinity Community Alpha Season Top 50 statistics or search for your own score. Click on a player to see her | his most used team.
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